We are a non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change in our communities.

Our Mission

A society where people are empowered to be productive, pursue their dreams
to become relevant in life without discrimination or restriction from any person
or entity.

Our Vission

To connect people back to purpose, so they can harness the limitless creative
abilities embedded in them, leverage on opportunities, share ideas and
contribute to make the world a better place.


Our agency has been present for over 5 years. We make the best for all

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VMN focuses on four major areas: Mind development, Entrepreneurship, Educational programs and Charity. Our Innovations and projects focuses on a wide range of issues including; Advocacy, Behaviour Change, Leadership and Community services, with a major focus on Children, Youth, and People Living with Disabilities (PWDs). These Projects are Implemented both online and physically.


*Promoting and encouraging people to tap into their God given potential. Motivating young people to think deeply and harness the limitless creative abilities embedded in them. * Challenging and inspiring young people to become change makers * Create a hub where people can share ideas, innovations, network and leverage on opportunities * Giving direction and unifying creative people. * Promote entrepreneurship and skill acquisition * Helping the poor and excluded, impacting the society positively.

Our Team

our team

Dr Bakare Isiaka Adeyinka


Dr. Adekunle Samuel Aderemi

Program Director

Bakare Fatima-Bintu Ayoka


Adeyinka Abiola


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