We believe that the Mind is the centre-point where transformation begins. When the Mind is properly developed, it becomes easy to align with purpose. We organize training, talk shows, conferences to challenge and inspire young people, shaping their minds to think and act positively.
Entrepreneurship does not only imply being able to start and manage your own business but it also helps the economy is lots of ways. Looking at the growing pressure on limited available jobs in Nigeria and the prevailing economic difficulty that is leading to rise in social vices especially among youths, We encourage entrepreneurship/skill acquisition for youths. As such we organizes annual seminars and training where youth learn about business and acquire relevant skills.
We are concerned about the academic improvement of children and young adults. As such, we organize Campaigns to advocate for Child education and volunteer to teach children during holidays. In our bid to promote academic excellence, also to kick against exam malpractice in higher institutions across Nigeria, we organize Seminars, Rally against malpractice, Mentorship sessions, Tutorial and social events to Sensitize and Educate students. This is geared toward Mind transformation and Behavioral change.
As a team of concerned youths, we believe in the principle of “Pay it forward” giving back to the society through selfless service to make lives better. As such, we annually host EXTENDED LOVE project. This vision is one birthed out of stern concern for the mental and material welfare of people, especially vulnerable children in society. One of the aims of Verve Megaminds Network through Extended Love Foundation is to impact the society positively by engaging in community service, humanitarian support as well as development